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A safer journey home.

A high-visibility smart reflector for pedestrian schoolchildren


Safer than a smartphone

Distractions near traffic are a big concern, whether it be playing with friends or staring at a device. Flare has smartphone features like location and an emergency notification button, all without the distraction of a screen.

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Shine Bright

Flareā€™s front surface is made out of high-grade reflective material produced in Germany

I'm here

Automatic notifications for when your child arrives to school or back home safely.

Pick me up

Flare has a button that sends a message directly to your phone with a location and message. Press twice for an SOS alert

Easy to set up
  • Step 1

    Attach it

    To a backpack or somewhere that will be seen by traffic

  • Step 2

    Download the app

    Coming soon to Android & iOS

  • Step 3

    Select your destinations

    Set your locations and time ranges for school, home, and extra curricular activities

  • Step4

    Select your notifications

    Choose whether you want to get a message when they arrive safe or only if they

  • Step 5

    Checking in

    If concerned, simply open the app to see the map

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Product details
  • High visibility reflective material

  • Location service

  • 1 week battery life (micro USB)

  • Pick me up button - twice for SOS

  • 70mm x 70mm x 14mm

  • Weight: 76g

  • Compatibility: Web, Android, iOS

  • Region-based notifications

  • All info is secure, private, and encrypted

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