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Andrei Morozov

Currently works as a CEO and founder at Flare. Programmer and entrepreneur who started his career when he was just 12 years old. At the age of 13, he opened his own web studio and made his first B2B sales. He has been participating in lots of different companies and startups as CTO and CEO. The person of March 2019 featured by a Slovenian magazine.

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Georgy Telelukhin
Lead Electrical Engineer

Currently works as Lead Electrical Engineer. A talented electrical engineer who started building all sorts of technology related things at the age of 14. He has been accepted to one of the most elite schools in Slovenia.

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Ethan Grant
Advisory & Design consultant

Currently an advisor and design consultant at Flare. He works as a product manager for creative projects and games, helping several startups and companies achieve success through Kickstarter campaigns since moving to Ljubljana from Ireland in 2013.

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Julia Tkachenko

She is a decisive student who has been managing and organizing different events for more than a year. She is great in communication skills and management, that is why she is more than suitable as a COO at Flare.

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Tim Špenko
Lead Mobile Developer

Currently works as a software engineer who is not only experienced from participating in several startups as CTO and CEO, but he is also keen to learn new and exciting technologies.

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Aiken Tine Ahac
Lead Web Developer

Currently works as Lead Web Developer. He began to work on web development when he was 12. He has been accepted to one of the most elite schools in Slovenia.

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Žiga Alavančič
Head of Marketing

Currently works as a marketing and business manager. He has experience in business strategies and marketing from previous competitions. Also, he won a school competition for best startup! He’s visiting a secondary school of economics in Maribor. He earned a spot in Flare community with working on our startup in Bulgaria.

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