Monthly updates

November & December in a review

Everything has started with a prototype…

From the start of the project we were trying to develop a device that would be quite small, battery safe, comfortable to use, and smaller than a credit card. After 3 month of active development we have finally released our first production prototype that is 1/4 of a credit card size. We are proud that we have finally done that.

Team reorganization

This month would be also known by our reorganization of team and project.

When we have started our project we did not even know that we are going to sell it. All we thought “it is just for fun”. But the reality has completely beaten our expectations.

That is why we decided to reorganize our team from papers to people. The result is a great friendly team, where every teammate is unique. That is what makes us strong!

Sketches, sketches and again sketches

As I mentioned before we have made a prototype that actually works. Now we are developing a nice user friendly design of its body. Currently we have drown more than 40 sketches of its possible design. So, soon we would be able to present our concepts to the public to hear their opinion. We are not working for ourselves, we are working for people!

This is not it. We have actually done more, but those things are not so big as things I’ve mentioned above.