The YourFlare is a reflective body that simply clips onto a school bag or jacket. Parents download the free app on their smartphone, set virtual fences and time ranges for school, home, and after-school activities.

The app allows you to monitor the location of the YourFlare (child) in real-time and set up notifications (for example, to receive a message when the child arrives at school or at home, if the child leaves the boundaries of the set location, etc.).

The YourFlare features a button that notifies parents to “come and pick me up” with a single push from the child, and multiple clicks rapidly trigger an “SOS notification”. It is rechargeable via USB and the battery lasts about 1 week. All information is secured, private and encrypted.


The battery lasts for about one week with regular use. The device weighs about 80 grams and is 7 centimeters wide, 7 centimeters long, and 1.2 centimeters thick.

To use the device, you need our mobile app, which you can download here. Connecting the device to the app is easy, just make an account within the app, scan the QR code that comes in the box and you're done!

The location is refreshed every 10 minutes by default, but this interval is customizable within the app.


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