A safer journey home

A smart reflector, that lets you see the location of your child.


Reflective surfaces are made from quality material, made in Germany.

I'm here

Automatic messages when your child arrives to school or back home.

Pick me up

The Flare features a button, that when pressed, notifies you directly to your phone with the location and a message. When pressed multiple times, it sends an SOS message to you.


Features, that separate the Flare from an ordinary GPS tracker.

Live location tracking


SOS Button


Location history

Setup and usage assistance

Notifications when your child arrives home or to school

Free app for iOS and Android

Track multiple Flares at once.

Kids know how to go by themselves.

Now you can always know where your child is. The Flare, which features GPS, can be worn on their backpack and you can monitor their location via the mobile app.

With built-in GPS, you’ll always know if your child is safe.

The Flare is a reflective body, that can simply be hooked on to a backpack or jacket. Parents download the free mobile app, set safe locations for the school, home, and other activities.

Geofence Arrived

Be notified of where they are.

With our geofence technology and the safe zones setting, you will be notified when your child leaves or enters one of the set zones. The Flare also features a button, which when pressed once sends a “pick me up” message, and when rapidly pressed sends an SOS message. All of the data is secure, private, and encrypted.

Control that offers a relaxed mind


Children have their entire world in front of them. After school, they explore the land nearby. After out-of-school activities, they go over to a friend. With YourFlare, you will never be worried about the safety of your little one again.

When we were developing YourFlare, we wanted to create a solution for a clear problem: How can we keep parents relaxed about the whereabouts of their children, while they are away at work, or other taks.

Why choose YourFlare

The first thought that parents might have is to buy their child a mobile phone. The problem here occurs, because in most elementary schools, phones are banned, and lots of parents also wouldn’t give their youngest a phone as they might not be ready for that kind of responsibility.

The second thought might be to buy a cheap GPS tracker (let’s say from AliExpress) which also isn’t the best solution. YourFlare offers a better solution.


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