Frequently asked questions

Does my child need to have a phone with them?

No, the Flare is completely independent. The only person that needs to have a phone is the parent/guardian, for the setup and usage.

Which app can I use for Flare?

YourFlare has it’s own app, which can be found and the App Store and at Google Play

What does Flare use to transmit location?
Flare uporablja mobilno konektivnost za oddajo lokacije (3G, 4G itd.)
To send location, Flare uses mobile connectivity to transmit the location (3G, 4G, itd…)
Is my child's location private?

Yes, Flare uses strong security algorithms to secure the identity and location of your child.

How do I set up my Flare?

Flare is a device that is simple to set up. It works out of the box. After you take the device out of the box, create an account and scan the QR code from the box, with our mobile app.

What is the size of the device?

The size is 7 by 7 by 1.4 cm.

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